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• Check-in and camp time will be from 9 am to 10 pm.
• The campsite is open from April 1st until September 30th and during Holy Week.
• From 12 pm until 8 am no motor vehicle will be allowed to get in or out of the campsite (except in case of emergency), so the time of rest of the campers will be preserved. If a vehicle should get there at this period, it has to be parked right before the automatic barrier if there is place to park. In case there is no place the car will have to be parked outside, which gives no right to financial demands.
• The garbage has to be disposed of only in the indicated place, from 8 pm to 12 pm.
• Bar and supermarket are open all day, from 9 am to 10 pm.
• Cycling is only allowed on the paths.
• The maximum speed allowed for any vehicle inside the campground, including bicycles, is 10 km/h.
• Every camper has to deposit some kind of identification card at his arrival (identity card, passport, driving license, ...) which will be returned the day he leaves after having paid the bill.
• From 12 pm on the campers shall behave quietly, so others can get their time of rest.
• There is a bathroom for disabled persons and one for babies under 3 years. In order to use these, please contact the camping management to get the key, because these facilities will remain closed.
• There are exclusive sink units to wash up the kitchen utensils and washbasins to do laundry. Each one should be used for their respective purposes.
• There is a container in order to empty the chemical WC of caravans and mobile homes. The ordinary toilets should not be used for that purpose.
• If you expect some visitors; you have to inform the camping management about the number of visitors and the time they are going to stay so the management can determine if it is visit or stay.
• Your stay ends at 12 am of the last day you paid for. From that time on it will be counted as another day.
• The stay will be counted for overnight stays in the campsite.
• Making fire is forbidden in the whole campside, except for barbecues provided for that purpose.
Pol�tica de privacidad
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